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Our Fees

Service                                                                                                     Price


Initial General Appointment                                                                       £50.00



Routine Follow up appointment                                                                 £40.00-£50.00

                                                                                                                 Depending on complexity



BUPA                                                                                                         £45.00




Initial Biomechanics appointment                                                              £80.00




Follow up biomechanics appointment                                                       £50.00




Casting for orthotics                                                                                   £40.00




Orthotics/Insoles These range                                                                   £60.00 - £275.00

                                                                                                                  Depending on type




Follow up Verruca treatments – chemicals                                                £40.00




Verruca treatment – freezing/Cryotherapy                                                 £40.00



Multiple Verrucae treatment                                                                       £50.00



Nail resection under local analgesia                                                          £80.00



Surgical Nail avulsion under local analgesia (1 toe)                                  £250.00

(Permanent nail side, root treated with Phenol)



Surgical excision of verrucae under local analgesia                                  £300.00



Initial Physiotherapy Appointment                                                              £60.00



Our Testimonials

  • Having a professional coming to visit us, is an excellent idea, simply peace of mind


  • Many thanks for taking the time to look after me and my family. Fantastic service.


  • Very pleased with the attention and meticulous treatment given to my feet.


  • It has been a pleasure to see you today, the energy is inspiring and          relaxing; you do such a wonderful job and make such a big difference.


  • To be able to continue with my training program is priceless, Thank you!!!


  • Having suffered with plantarfasciitis for a while now, I can honestly say that the insoles and treatment provided cured my condition and I can now walk painfree. Many thanks, Carlos


  • The handmade orthotics have worked wonders, I can now again play sports and enjoy long walks without pain. Thank you


  • Highly recommended to me by my physiotherapist; will recommend to everyone now.


  • It was such a relief to know that my baby daughter was having a normal development; thank you for the thorough assessment and for giving us all the peace of mind we were looking for.


  • Very professional friendly environment; treatment performed by a professional and efficient clinician. Will recommend to all my friends and family.


  • The experience and knowledge is palpable.